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GD silicone site is online now!

Released in:2017-10-25  |   The author:GD SILICONE  |   Has gathered: onlookers
GD silicone, is the brand of Shenzhen Guo Da Silicone New Material Co., Ltd. which was founded in 2013, which is engaged in the research, production and sales of liquid silicone rubber. The brand is called GD silicone.

GD silicone produces dozens of rtv silicone rubber, such as platinum cure silicone rubber / addition cure silicone rubber, tin cure silicone rubber / condensation cure silicone rubber, food grade silicone rubber, medical grade silicone rubber, high temperature resistance silicone rubber, low viscosity silicone rubber, fast curing silicone rubber, room temperature curing silicone / room temperature vulcanization silicone, heating curing silicone silicone / heating vulcanization silicone and so on.
All of the silicone rubber are two components silicone rubber, part A is liquid, part B is curing agent / catalyst, when the mixture is hardened, it will be a silicone elastomer.

GD silicone provides silicone rubber for hundreds of fields, such as building construction and home decoration industry, toys and arts & crafts industry, and car, marine, aerospace, food, clothing and so son.
These silicones are includes mold making silicone rubber, life casting silicone rubber, electronic potting silicone rubber, pad printing silicone rubber, silicone foam, injection silicone rubber, sex dolls silicone rubber, textile coating silicone rubber and so on.

Customer is supreme, continuous innovation is our business philosophy, GD silicone welcomes you to establish long term partners relationship with you.

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