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Liquid Silicone Foam
Product Name:Liquid Silicone Foam
Product ID: GD-F6
Register Date: 2017-10-25
Prices: Undetermined
1. Liquid Silicone Foam Basic Introduction
Liquid silicone foam is a two-component addition cure liquid silicone rubber, before vulcanization is divided into A, B two components, and can be cured at room temperature can also be heated to be cured, which will be vulcanized into a soft elastomer. With the function of light, soft, elastic, not easy to heat, with shock, ease the impact, insulation, noise and so on. 

2. Liquid Silicone Foam Application
Widely used in automobiles, aircraft, chemicals, daily necessities and other industries, for insulation, noise, shock materials, and the system of cushions, mattresses, medical machinery, health supplies, sporting goods and so on.
1), All kinds of seals, gaskets, seals, foam board, silicone foam, and so on;
2), The 
occasions which need to use the foam material for on-site potting and sealing;
3), Suitable for silicone breast pad, shoulder pads, insoles, sofa mats, mattresses and other flexible silicone rubber products;
4), Can be made of silicone robots, silicone beauty and other silicone products filler;
5), Automotive supplies (head restraints, stalls, cushions, etc.), pregnant women's backrest, children's pillow, elderly fitness equipment (joint hammer, rejection throwing ball, etc.), copy printing roller sponge tube, valuables packaging filler and so on.

3. Liquid Silicone Foam Advantages
1), High expansion ratio, after the bubble than their own volume 2 times, up to 7 times the volume;
2), Foam evenly, good stability, low line shrinkage, good rebound, easy to operate;
3), Light, flexible, good touch, do not produce migration atrophy phenomenon;
4), Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-radioactive, good chemical inertia;
5), L
ong time to use at -65 ℃ -200 ℃  and maintain its soft elasticity;
6), With 
characteristics of heat and cold resistant, electrical insulation and excellent flame resistance .

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