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High Temperature Resistant Sil
Product Name:High Temperature Resistant Silicone Rubber
Product ID: GD-425
Register Date: 2017-10-25
Prices: Undetermined
1. High Temperature Resistant Silicone Rubber Description
Guo Da high temperature resistant silicone rubber is a kind of platinum cure silicone rubber, because generally, tin cure silicone can anti 200℃,  but platinum cure silicone rubber can anti 350℃. 
GD -425 hight temperature silicone rubber is two parts silicone rubber, consisted of part A liquid silicone, and part B silicone curing agent. after vulcanization, the liquid-like silicone rubber will be solidified as silicone elastomer.

High Temperature Resistant Silicone Rubber Application
Due to the high resistant to high temperature, this silicone rubber is quite suitable for resin products replication, polyurethane products duplication, since resin will release losts of heat when curing, so it request high temperature silicone rubber to molding it.
Guo Da high temperature resistant silicone rubber is pefect for resin molding, such as climbing holds molding, resin rock walls, indoor and outdoor climbing walls, children climbing walls, artificial climbing walls, rock climbing, rock climbing support and rock climbing supplies and so on.
Mold making silicone rubber can also be used to make silicone molds to simulate man-made sandstone stone, crafts ornaments, garden sculpture, relief mural, simulation animal sculpture, Roman column, sandstone flower pots, sandstone lines, sandstone lighting and so on.
High Temperature Resistant Silicone Rubber Advantages
1), Can anti 350℃ high temperature, there will be no burning mold and the phenomenon of oil;
2), Copy effect is good, can perfectly copy the natural realistic effect out;
3), Strong tear strength, easy to operate, stripping and other characteristics;
4,  Durable, the silicone molds which is made of this silicone rubber, can be used repeatedly for hundreds of times;
5,) Made out of the silicone mold is nonexpansion and non deformation, anti-aging and longer service life.

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