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Platinum Nontoxic Silicone Rub
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  • Breast Pad Silicone Rubber
    Breast Pad Silicone Rubber is a kind of low ciscosity, sticky elatinous transparent two-part addition cure silicone rubber, which can be cured at room temperature or by heating.
  • Simulate Skin Silicone Rubber
    Simulate Skin SiliconeRubber Applications : 1.Human prosthesis (artificial limbs), mask, silicone wax figure, human model design, silicone robot, simulated human: 2.Sex products, silicone breast, silicone bra, falsies, and so on. Simulate S
  • Silicone Rubber for Shoe Insole
    Silicone rubber for shoe insol is liquid silicone rubber, food grade, non-toxic environmental and no smell, which is a kind of platinum cure silicone rubber / addition cure silicone rubber. Part A is liquid silicone gel.
  • Silicone Rubber for Artificial Limbs
    Artificial limbs silicone rubber is non toxic, food grade, also medical grade, which gets FDA cetified. It's platinum cure silicone rubber / addition cure silicone rubber, environmentally friendly non-toxic, composed of two components A&B.
  • Silicone Rubber for Sex Doll
    Silicone rubber for sex doll is a kind of platinum cure silicone ,which is food grade and medical grade, non toxic and eco-friendly, before mix silicone curing agent, both silicone and catalyst are liquid, when mix liquid silicone rubber.
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