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Shoe Insoles Silicone
Product Name:Silicone Rubber for Shoe Insole
Product ID: GD-410
Register Date: 2017-10-25
Prices: Undetermined
1. Description of Silicone Rubber for Shoe Insole
Silicone rubber for shoe insol is liquid silicone rubber, food grade, non-toxic environmental and no smell, which is a kind of platinum cure silicone rubber / addition cure silicone rubber. Part A is liquid silicone gel, after curing was elastic, which has a very significant soft and comfortable, shock and cushioning effect.

2. Application of Silicone Rubber for Shoe Insole
1), This environmental protection grade silicone rubber is mainly used for the medical foot massage shoes, massage insoles, bathroom anti-skid massage silicone pads, silicone massage blankets etc.;
2), Also widely used in silicone kitchen utensils, silicone baby supplies, medical supplies, diving mirror, pacifier, silicone mobile phone sets and other daily necessities areas.
3. Advantages of 
Silicone Rubber for Shoe Insole
1), Good flexibility, easy molding, good resilience, simple operation;
2), Food grade, non-toxic environmental protection, no smell;
3), Has a very significant 
effects of soft, comfortable, shock and cushioning , which can effectively eliminate or reduce the heel pain, free from heel fatigue, designed for a balanced absorption of all the foot of the impact of the development plan.
4), High and low temperature operation performance, long service life.

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