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Printing Pad Silicone Rubber
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Product Name:Silicone Rubber for Electronics Printing
Product ID: GD-333
Register Date: 2017-10-25
Prices: Undetermined
1.Description of Silicone Rubber for Electronics Printing
This silicone rubber is specifically used for making silicone rubber printing pads, as a carrier of the pattern and the steel plate, to transfer the patterns on the steel plate to products' surface.
Silicone rubber for electronic printing is two parts silicone rubber, part A is liquid silicone, part B is silicone curing agent, will solidified as a elastic silicone pads after curing, which is a elastic 
printing  material, with excellent wear resistance, no deformation and good ink transfer.
2. Application of 
Silicone Rubber for Electronics Printing
The main application areas of this electronic printing silicone rubber is used in the printing of high-grade precision electronic accessories, electronic toys, craft gifts, fine lines of electronic goods, irregular print and its trademark silk screen printing and so on.
3. Advantages of 
Silicone Rubber for Electronics Printing
1), good printing effect, good adsorption force, printing drawings clearly;
2),Low viscosity, easily flow to every corner on the electronics;
3), No shrinkage, because GD-333 is platinum cure silicone rubber;

4), Good resilience, printing times is quite volume big;
5), No impurities, no particles, good elasticity,  wear-resistant, high temperature resistant.

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