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Circuit Board Potting Silicone
Product Name:Circuit Board Potting Silicone Rubber
Product ID: GD-8055
Register Date: 2017-10-25
Prices: Undetermined
1. Description of Circuit Board Potting Silicone Rubber
Circuit board potting silicone rubber is a kind of electronic potting silicone rubber, this silicone rubber potting compound is specailly used for electronics encapsulant, so this silicone rubber is also called encapsulant silicone.
These kind of liquid silicone rubber is two components, part A is liquid rtv silicone, part B is silicone catalyst, when they are admixed, the mixture will get solidifed
 to form a soft rubber-like, good impact resistance. The general mix ratio is  1 : 1 and 100 : 5, the former is platinum cure silicone, the latter is tin cure silicone.

2. Applicaton of Circuit Board Potting Silicone Rubber
Circuit board potting silicone rubber is suitable for all electronic products such as electronic ballast, electronic transformer, LED, LCD, CPU, electronic display and so on.

3. Features of 
Circuit Board Potting Silicone Rubber
1), Vulcanization does not exotherm, no corrosion, no shrinkage, suitable for a variety of electronic components with the purposes of thermal seal, to form a thermal insulation system;
2), Excellent waterproof and damp proof, resistant to chemical medium, resistance to yellowing, earthquake, and anti-static function;
3), Easy to peel the adhesive layer for maintenance;
4), Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, weather resistance to aging, in a wide temperature range to maintain flexibility, and will not crystallize at 
low temperature -60 ℃;
5), Excellent light failure, sealing, brightness performance, and 
long shelf life.

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