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Insulating Potting Silicone
Product Name:Insulating Potting Silicone Rubber
Product ID: GD-8045
Register Date: 2017-10-25
Prices: Undetermined
1. Description of Insulating Potting Silicone Rubber
Insulating potting silicone rubber also called electronic potting silicone rubber, which is specially used for electronis insulation, has tin cure silicone rubber and platinum cure silicone rubber these two series.

2. Application of Insulating Potting Silicone Rubber
1), Mainly used for electronic components, power box, circuit boards, LED display, ballast, transformers, sensors, circuit boards and other electronic products, with the functions of waterproof, insulation, damp proof, flame retardant, noise reduction, shock absorption and fixed adtion.
2), Coating for solar energy, backlight, HID, LCD electronic display and circuit board potting.
3), D
eep potting of circuit modules, automotive electronic modules, ignition modules, power modules these electronic components.

3. Advantages of 
Insulating Potting Silicone Rubber
1), Superior insulation performance;
2), With no heat when curing, no corrosion, and no shrinkage;
3), Suitable for a variety of electronic components of the thermal seal, pouring, to form a thermal insulation system;
4), Resistant to high and low temperature, high temperature up to 250 degrees, low temperature up to minus 60 degrees;
5), In a wide temperature range to adhere to flexibility, excellent insulation, thermal function is good;
6), Potted electronic products can enhance its waterproof capacity, seismic capacity and thermal performance, protection of electronic products from the erosion of the natural environment to extend its service life.

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